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In the name of providing increasingly better products that are in line with the times 

Japanese clothes belt Industry Association association


Since our establishment in July 1964, the Japanese Clothes Belt Industry Association has remained relentless in the pursuit of our activities. These include our long-running joint publicity business to facilitate sales promotion efforts, and the provision of training and information to improve both management and technology. Our endeavors also include awareness reform regarding quality labeling by our member companies required by the repeated reforms made to our “Stipulations/Detailed Regulations on Quality Labeling” and the assertion of our global attributes through proactively engaging in the dispatching of missions overseas. [Nature of Activities] ■ Research and instruction regarding production technology ■ PR and advertising activities for furthering sales ■ Provision of various surveys and information ■ Promotion of the streamlining of production and sales ■ Other businesses necessary to accomplish the objectives under the establishment of the Association

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Going from a supporting player to a purveyor of originality. 

Tokyo Yoso-zakka Industry Association (TYIA) association


In 1944, the Tokyo Suspender, Garter and Cloth Band Manufacturing Facility Association was newly established by what had been the trade association for Western-style clothing (dress shirts, neckties, cuff buttons, suspenders, garters and decorative tape) until that time. Following World War II the Association had grown briskly in line with the pace of the reviving Japanese economy. However, the period between 1955 and 1965 would prove to be a difficult one, as the appearance of the likes of socks with rubber in their tops and pantyhose caused commercial garters and ladies' sock suspenders to gradually disappear from the market. Fortunately, around that time, ladies' belts started to be regarded as an essential fashion item, prompting the majority of the Association's members to engage in the manufacturing of ladies' belts. Consequently, in 1954, the Association changed its name to the Tokyo Yoso-Zakka Industry Association (Tokyo Western Clothing Accessories Industry Association). As of today, this Association is operated by 23 member companies. [Nature of Activities] ■ Provision of information regarding the ladies' belts and suspenders industry ■ Mutual contact and negotiations between associated sectors ■ Negotiations with related government agencies

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We strive to offer shoe-fitting services that consumers find satisfactory. 

Foot, Footwear and Health Association association


1. Human resource development business related to feet, footwear and health. 2. Consumer enlightenment business related to feet, footwear and health. 3. Information exchange business related to feet, footwear and health. 4. Investigative research business related to feet, footwear and health. 5. Businesses other than those stipulated above that are necessary to accomplish the objectives of the Foot, Footwear and Health Association.

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