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Kagawa gloves: the love is in the glove. 

Japan Gloves Industry Association (JGIA) association


Comprised of 79 glove manufacturers concentrated primarily in Kagawa Prefecture’s Higashi-Kagawa City, Japan’s sole regional center of glove production, the Japan Gloves Industry Association (JAGA) represents over 90% of glove production across the nation. While Kagawa originally developed over time as a center of export production, to facilitate a shift in domestic demand necessitated by the contraction of export markets, the region moved the focus of its growth to developing usages for gloves, with a particular emphasis placed on fashionable thermal gloves. Accompanying efforts included entering the market for sports gloves, including those used in golf, skiing and baseball, and that for special work gloves. At the same time, product lineups incorporating glove manufacturing technology and associated materials have also been developed in the region. A specific example is the wide range of product offshoots, such as bags and leather accessories derived from leather gloves, and foot warmers and knit items derived from knitted gloves. Additionally, recent years have seen the development of UV-care gloves that block out harmful UV rays. As such gloves can be used over a long period of time that extends from spring to autumn, they have yielded the cultivation of new markets. Kagawa has a long gloves production history that marked its 120th anniversary in 2008. To celebrate this milestone, as part of a commemorative project, we opened a resource center on the Internet that year. Furthermore, in 2009, we established the “Kagawa Gloves Resource Center” as an extension of our efforts to enhance our capability to supply information externally. Currently, Kagawa is not limited to simply the production of gloves, and has expanded to become all-encompassing production center for all forms of fashion accessories. In this capacity, the region continues to work on strengthening its international competitiveness and cultivate new markets.

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Ruboa ‐exquisitely designed leather products of the finest quality  

Ruboa co.,ltd


The planning, manufacture, seles, trade of designed leahter goods, made in Japan

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