I came to Japan from China as an oversea student in 2005. Now I'm working at a computer-related company.

Labor Park in Dalian, China

I'm a fan of the leather bags made in Japan. When I go shopping, I go to the bag corner every time. The first made-in-Japan leather product that I bought is a bag, too. It's a reward for me when I got hired four years ago.

At that time, even though the light nylon bags were very popular, I chose the leather one,because the leather bag feels very good and it looks much more exclusive. In addition, the leather bag is more durable, you can use it for a long time if you take care of it. Most importantly, the more you use it, the more beautiful the color of it will be. It is really a pleasure to enjoy this amazing process.

When I was in China, I also bought many leather bags which are made in China. Therefore, I know the differences between the Chinese bags and the Japanese bags well. For example, the perfection of the finishing, the delicateness of the color and so on, beyond which, I would also like to point out two most important differences.

Firstly,the pursuit of natural leather. The bags made in Japan usually keep the scratches, creases and the change in depth of the color of the leather, to maintain the proof of natural. However, in China, these seemingly "demerits" are usually covered by surface processing in order to show the perfectness of the leather. In my opinion, the scratches, creases and the change in depth of the color are just the unique features that the leather naturally holds. In a sense, they are also the appeals of the leather, therefore the coverage of them will, contrarily, lead to the reduction in the charm of the leather, which will be very regretful for the fans of the leather bags.

Secondly,the balance of the practicality and fashion of the bags. The leather bags made in Japan are not only practical, but also very fashionable, through pursuing the softness and color of the leather used. But in China, the leather bags are usually considered as that they are more often used by mature women and they go better with formal suits. In other words, the leather bags made in China are practical but not fashionable enough.

Although the leather bags made in China are cheaper than the ones made in Japan, however, in recent years, with the development of economy, the price in China is much higher than before. Therefore the difference in price also become much smaller between the leather bags made in Japan and China. Considering the circumstances, the leather bags made in Japan are more durable and fashionable, so they are still the first choice for the fans of the leather bags like me and it keeps giving great appeal for us.

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